Climate and Money

This blog by Tom Bliss is more of a ‘blook’ and essentially one post, broken into chapters. I’m afraid there is some scary stuff here below – but let me say now; we can and will fix this problem – and the Paris Agreement Dec 2015 is an excellent if small first step. These are just some suggestions that I hope might help. They follow from the film I made in 2010 called The Urbal Fix, which explored the future management and design of cities in response to climate change. (‘Urbal’ is the polar opposite of ‘Rurban’ – a planning term meaning, effectively, the urbanisation of the countryside – and all).


Please visit for the film (and others I have made since), the projects (Feed Leeds etc) and more.

And if you’ve come here looking for advice about misunderstandings in climate science – it’s here.


Originally a Landscape Architect, then (and still) a Writer/Producer/Director, I became concerned by this matter while enjoying a lazy decade as a full-time folk musician. So I abandoned touring and returned to university to study it at MA level (The Urbal Fix was effectively my dissertation). I was then asked to teach the topic part time, to Landscape Architects and Urban Designers, at Leeds Beckett University and I still do this today – along with much related pro bono research and project work (see Recently, I also joined the United Bank of Carbon team at the University of Leeds. So, yes, that means I do earn money from the ‘Climate Change Industry’ – but I chose not to return to a much more lucrative career in TV to do so. NB: I am not a scientist of any description, I am a story-teller. And I do NOT speak on behalf of either university, nor any of the groups I am part of – only for myself.